theCVrecord, was developed and launched to address two very important  issues in the global market,

  1. Access
  2. Cost


Employee / Candidate


We developed this product with the candidate and the employer in mind. For no fee at all

we have put in place an excellent service in “theCVrecord” that allows the candidates who upload their CVs to be viewed by the world’s leading organisations.

This has a massive impact, because you need to ask yourself, “How many times have you sent your CV to a recruitment company and had little or no response at all?” which has a very disconcerting effect, it makes you feel dejected and distrusting, after all they have approached you and told you how urgent this is.

With “theCVrecord”, when you upload your CV, you are by passing the middle man, no longer will you have to deal with recruitment companies that promise the earth but on occasion don’t deliver. You know that if your profile is strong and you get a telephone call from a registered company, that in fact you have made it, and you are very likely to go to interview.

There are many other sites similar to this around the world, but they charge the clients a huge amount of money, which means they don’t always register and therefore your profile is not guaranteed to be viewed.


Employer / Company

Cost is one of the overriding factor that any company in the world has, it is very important to all companies around the world and decisions on companies futures are made based on their budgets. If an organisation has a budget of  half a million dollars to pay for recruitment, then they have to make cuts elsewhere to make sure they can afford to pay the agencies that they use. Imagine if the client no longer had to pay recruitment companies? That they could in fact do it themselves in house by looking at a global site which has CVs from their home countries and also their foreign operations. They could simply contact the right people from this data base  and would not have to pay a fee to their signed PSLs. The Half a million dollars could then be reinvested back into the company, which could be used for growth and sustainability.

This is why  “theCVrecord” was designed and launched, once the client has registered with “theCVrecord” they can then access using simple key words, any type of professional from any location in the world from our vast database, and best of all, it’s a maximum of $20 per month


To Summarise,

For the Employee, we bypass the middle man to speed up the recruitment process, we make sure the clients don’t get charged so more are registered and therefore your CV gets more corporate and technical exposure.

For the Employer, You save time and you save money. Everyone wins.


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